Revolution Nickel Plated Claret Award - SNW02

Product features:

  • 9" Claret jug award. 
  • British craftsmanship with premium quality materials. 
  • Tarnish free nickel plated finish
  • Decorative slender hand chased handle.
  • Heavy rose wood base provides stability and quality feel.  
  • Optional cup lid.
  • Engraving options for cup circumference and plinth band.  

 Engraving notes:

  • Email your details to info@obeya.co.uk
  • A final draft image will be provided to you to confirm the details prior to engraving.

Text only details:

If you would like us to use a particular font please let us know

Logos and graphics:

Please send images in suitable format - EPS of Ai. Multiple colours, gradients or grey scale are not suitable for engraving.

If you don't have these formats available we can usually derive them from a high-res JPEG or other image format however as this involves some graphics work there will need to be a small adjustment to the final price. If you are unsure please send us your images for review prior to ordering. 

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